Zachary Brown Art

The spiritual nature of my artwork attempts to show the inter connectivity of all things, people, religions, and tries to allude to the fact that there is much more going on in our consciousness and reality than what our eyes see every day, that we are all part of a unified divine system. These ideas revolve centrally around themes of meditation and yogic practice, and the geometric patterns that connect all life and consciousness in our universe. These patterns, known for thousands of years all around the world, revolve centrally around the form known as the flower of life. This geometrical image has been scientifically shown to be in all life forms from atomic cell formation, to the fractal patterning in plants, to the proportions of the human body, which is why it appears in all my work reflecting the interconnected nature of everything in our third dimensional world. The last thing I try and portray in my work is a sense of stillness that reflects the meditative act of being totally in the present moment. I try and transport the viewer momentarily to the present, because I believe that it is the only real moment in our reality, and I hope that in that short moment they reflect the imagery upon themselves and take a moment to breath and feel the true nature of love and life within themselves.